A Few Hot Lemon Tips

  A lemon at room temperature will yield more juice.

Before juicing, press down firmly and roll the lemon on the kitchen counter to break up the pulp before juicing.

If the lemon is very cold, you can microwave it for a few seconds before squeezing.

Freeze for later
  Freeze the juice in ice cube trays, when frozen save in a plastic bag.

Grate lemon zest; seal tightly in plastic bag & freeze.

Cooking extras
Put lemon wedges inside the cavity of a whole chicken.

Tenderize meat by marinating it in lemon juice.

Squeeze lemon on vegetables while steaming, to keep the colors bright.

Add it to rice while cooking to make it fluffier.

Dining Pleasure
  If you are serving wine with dinner, substitute fresh lemon juice for vinegar in salad dressings.

A few drops of lemon juice improves the taste of other fruits.