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Recipes with Lemon

What a complete package! Lemons are truly "earth friendly"; every part of the lemon is used in our culinary, health, and beauty creations.

Lemons are best when picked fresh from the tree. However, if you buy them at the store, select small juicy ones that have little to no green color on the skins.

Lemon Pith Unlike other fruits whose skin is discarded, the skin of the lemon is grated into Zest (without the white pith between the skin and the fruit). On the Videos page you can watch expert techniques for zesting. The juice is used for beverages and recipes, and to tenderize meats. The bulk of the fruit is used in marmalade and other delights.

When preparing other ingredients for your recipes, keep the cut and juiced lemon pieces to rub on your hands to remove garlic odor, or to freshen the cutting board. There's more in the Tips section.