Turn your lemon into lemonade... there's help!

When you drove you car off the lot you weren't planning multiple return visits to the repair department. And you certainly weren't planning on adding, "Lemon Car administrator" to your resume. If your purchase turned out to be a lemon you have the unpleasant task of seeking a remedy.

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Federal and State Laws protect consumers

State and Federallaws governing lemon cars, trucks, SUVs, lemon computers, and lemon pets (yes, pets) and other warranted products provide consumers with legal remedies for seeking financial relief in the event that the product you purchased is a lemon.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) are federal laws governing warranties and risks for purchases of consumer products (your lemon).

Additionally, each state, administered by a State Attorney General, provides certain protections under their State Lemon Laws.

Understanding your rights and organizing your strategy will help save you time and money.

Free FCIC Consumer Handbook Free FCIC Consumer Handbook

This guide can help with your consumer problems and questions. Find help on buying and leasing cars, shopping from home and protecting your privacy and yourself from fraud.
Contains a Sample Complaint Letter.
NACAA, the association of consumer agency administrators
The Association of Consumer Agency Administrators
represents over 160 consumer agencies. Their online guide provides extensive Lemon Law resources.

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