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Our mission is to share generations of information about lemons with you, our world neighbors.

The history of how lemons became part of our diet and commerce is truly fascinating.

To that end, we make available on this web site, beneficial, and delicious information about lemons for everyone to enjoy. We invite you to share your ideas and uses for this wonderful fruit with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I copy the recipes for my personal use?
A. The recipes are here for your enjoyment. We have been using lemon recipes passed down from generation to generation and believe that by now they are "Public Domain." However, the site content is copyright protected and may not be used.
Q. Can I use the images?
A. We create some of our images and license others to use on our site. We cannot offer them for resale and sincerely appreciate your cooperation in protecting the rights of the artists and creators.

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