Plant Hunters and the Discovery of Lemons

Ever wonder about the origin of the lemon you pick up as you shop for the ingredients to your favorite recipes?

Lemons have a wonderful history and over the centuries many cultures have adapted lemons and citrus fruits for a bounty of beneficial uses. Frank Meyer, Plant Hunter

We believe that lemons are native to the region of Southeast Asia between India and Southern China.

Traders and Botanist alike delighted in discovering and learning the value of lemons. The lemon comes naturally packaged with a durable skin making it practicable for transportation by caravan and sea vessel.

You can just hear the merchant exhibiting the “golden apple” at the marketplace telling of its many uses: how it flavors and preserves food; heals and soothes the skin and provides a healthy beverage. Listening with eager reception, the customers gladly traded fine cloths, precious metals and artifacts. Citrus traveled in good company with other produce like figs and material treasures to Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and routes farther West.

There are many beautiful books devoted to lemon recipes. Throughout the world, lemons are a standard ingredient because of their versatility and beneficial qualities.

Creating lemon recipes and formulas involves the sciences of botany, chemistry, the study of agriculture, and the fine art of cooking. Applications for the uses of lemons go beyond cooking to include beauty, medicine, health, and environmentally safe cleaning.

We will be sharing more information about the history of lemons and their unique contribution to our diet, health, and beauty in the months ahead.

Alexander the Great, in the years 336-323 BC, conquered the known world bringing along scientists and scholars who shared their knowledge with cultures across the continent to the Mediterranean Sea. Today, Italy remains the largest grower of lemons in the world.

Once given as a gift by kings to kings, peoples all across the continents of Asia, Europe, and Western Worlds share ideas and create recipes using lemon.

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